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Lamaster Media Associates specializes in high interest niche market websites with an emphasis on learning and development.
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Lamaster Media traces its publication history back to the 1970's when Ed Lamaster, as a child author, wrote his first paid Bible study material for the David C. Cook Publishing Company.
As computers became ubiquitous in schools, Ed became a credentialed teacher and advisory board member for a statewide educational computer system. The board brought on Ed to represent users with Internet safety issues and censorship.  Ed also ran a Sacramento-based bulletin board system (BBS) for educators to discuss similar issues.  A long-time friend suggested he leave the classroom and go work for DeltaNet, one of the Delta Dental companies.
Ed became certified as an MCSE, eventually specializing in systems and network security.  He was a guest speaker at conferences as well as a freelance writer for the California Computer News (CCN) in the early 2000's.  His passion was the societal, privacy and security aspects of computing for children and the implications for society at large.  As a fun project, CCN also published Ed's regular column "Wacky Websites".  All of this made him an interesting weekly personality on several Sacramento area radio stations.
For the next sixteen years, Ed worked for Health Net Federal Services, a health insurance company, specializing in combining technology and education. He was instrumental in four major LMS implementation projects, some of which intersected with major contract implementations with TRICARE, Veteran's Choice, and other government programs. He was the "go to" resource and advocate for eLearning, building online ticketing systems, automation tools, and a special internal LMS using SharePoint.
Currently, Ed leads Lamaster Media Associates LLC, a firm specializing in online learning implementations for high affinity specialized groups.
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